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I am from Germany but “the world is my home”. I am a multi-faceted passionate traveler full of ideas, energy, and dreams. I have lived on five continents as a student, entrepreneur, feminist, and dreamer, and get excited about meeting inspiring people, working in start-ups and with entrepreneurs, giving back to the community, taking risks, empowering others to fulfill their potential, and embarking on a journey to myself.

I had to be woken up by tuberculosis to put in perspective what really counts in life and to not take everything for granted. I left my job at Montblanc, volunteered in Colombia and Namibia, worked for the United Nations, returned back to university for my MBA, and jumped into the start-up world.

My motto: Some people dream it - I do it.

At the beginning of this year, I joined a Swedish start-up as CMO in Silicon Valley, the world's greatest and most powerful start-up area. 

As I pursued my MBA in Strategic Entrepreneurship, I was awarded Rising Star. I was also awarded for my Master's thesis about collective leadership and I attend online courses at Stanford University.

As a mentor, consultant and freelancer, I support entrepreneurs and start-ups on creating the next big thing. 

Recently, I became a Board Member at BAMA, an NGO in Uganda supporting mothers and children. 

My latest projects


Katharina Mueller Meant To Be
Katharina Mueller POWW
BAMA Katharina Mueller
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